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Paying for Anti Virus or subscription expired?
Most new computers come with trial AV with limited time then ask you to pay a subscription to continue using.
It’s a way for the manufacturer to get more money from you.

Did you know Windows comes with AV protection built in, you paid for it already with your purchase.

Contact us for details or use Microsoft Windows Defender / Microsoft Security Essentials and uninstall your costly  factory installed  AV program!
It is important you have AV protection and it’s up to date

Need an Office suite for FREE?
Use Open Office, it’s compatible with Microsoft Office documents, not quite as polished but FREE!

Browser Zoom
Text/photos too small? Want to zoom in while browsing the internet?
Hold down CTRL and move your mouse wheel (or press CTRL and + or – on your keyboard)

Undo text
Made a mistake entering text and there is no undo button?
Press & hold  CTRL then Z
What it back again? CTRL then Y

Better Browser Search
Want to get search results for cars but not sales?
Just type a minus and then the excluded word after it:  cars -sales in the search box
(add a few for better results)

Absolute Search
Want to search for something specific, like John Doe rather than John & Doe?
Put it in speech marks: “John Doe”

Easy way to create a new password:
• Think of a saying, poem, book title, film or song etc you like
• Use the initials of each word and a CAPITAL eg (Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way = Jbjbjatw)
• Add a number = Jbjbjatw1
• Add a special character = Jbjbjatw1!
• Or even better = Jbjbj@tw1!
• Now add the name of the site = Jbjbj@tw1!gmail or Jbjbj@tw1!rbc
• Change the order so you have a good system = gmailJbjbj@tw1! or Jbjbj@twRBCbank7&

Time to crack that with 2017 technology?
gmailJbjbj@tw1!  = 16 Billion years!
Jbjbj@twRBCbank7& = 93 Trillion years
Remember to change it for different accounts!